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Friday, July 1, 2011

Presentation Seminar about Android: Media API

Title             : Android: Media API
Author         : Dylan
Filetype       : ppt
Size               : 668 Kb
Slide             : 9
Category      : Software
Download   : here 

Description :
As you develop your application on Android, it's useful to understand the platform's general approach to API change management. It's also important to understand the API Level identifier and the role it plays in ensuring your application's compatibility with devices on which it may be installed.

The sections below provide information about API Level and how it affects your applications. For information about how to use the "Filter by API Level" control available in the API reference documentation, see Filtering the documentation at the end of this document.
Download Android:Media API.PDF File here

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Seminar Topics 3G Wirelessess

Title             : 3G Wirelessess Presentation
Author         : Bryan Reamer
Filetype       : ppt
Size               : 473 Kb
Slide             : 27
Category      : Technology
Download   : here 

Description :
3G Wireless stands for “Third Generation” Wireless technology. 3G is a major upgrade from 2G technology–increased high-speed transmission, greater multimedia access, and global roaming features are just three of the improvements to wireless technology made possible by 3G.

3G Wireless is found on mobile phones and other small devices. It is used to connect the phone to the Internet or other IP-based networks to download and upload data to the Web, view websites, and to make voice and video calls.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Seminar of Why Get Travel Insurance?

Title             : Why Get Travel Insurance?
Author         : TFG Global
Filetype       : ppt
Size               : 2,31 Mb
Slide             :12
Category      : Insurance
Download   : here 

Description :
Types of Travel Insurance :
> Travel Medical Insurance
> Medical Evacuation Insurance
> Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance
> Baggage Insurance
> Car Rental Travel Insurance
> Flight Accident Insurance

Seminar Topic of Life Insurance

Title             : Life Insurance
Author         : Scott Edwards
Filetype       : ppt
Size               : 386 Kb
Slide             :11
Category      : Insurance
Download   : here 

Description :
Life insurance is a contract that pays a beneficiary in the event of your death as long as the policy is in effect.

Life insurance is something you buy for those people you leave behind. Life insurance covers your expenses such as funeral and medical bills. You may also need to leave financial support to your family.

Seminar about Programming the Android

Title             : Programming the Android
Author         : K Micinski
Filetype       : ppt
Size               : 887 Kb
Slide             :23
Category      : Programming
Download   : here 

Description :
Today we’re talking about how to write applications on the Android operating system.
- What makes mobile application development different?
- A broad overview of the Android approach.

Android programming:
Covering the three basic classes:
- Activities
- Services
- Content providers

Example application:
- MSU Cafeteria menus

What should I take out of the talk?
Hopefully you get a broad overview of the system, but you’ll have to go read about / play around with the sample code and experiment to understand more.